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Welcome to BiGART2019!

We are happy to announce the 18th Acta Oncologica conference on biology-guided adaptive radiotherapy (, which will be held in Aarhus May 22-24, 2019. 

Key topics for the BiGART conference will include:

  • Radiobiology - genomics, biomarkers, functional imaging, personalized medicine
  • Particle therapy – the European approach to building clinical evidence for particle therapy
  • Normal tissues – endpoints, modelling, PROM, value-based oncology
  • Treatment planning - artificial intelligence and automation
  • Image guidance, adaptation and motion management – incl. MR linac and MRI in protons
  • New concepts– FLASH, GRID, ImmunoRT,
  • Clinical outcomesof radiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy in the era of value-based health care

The meeting is open for physicians, physicists, radiobiologists and other scientists with an active interest in the area. The format will include invited presentations, proffered papers and poster discussion rounds

The meeting is organized back-to-back with the Opening symposium of the Danish Center for Particle Therapy, which will be held in Aarhus on May 21, 2019.